Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower is a kind of Heat-Exchangers to cool down heat medium such as water by contacting it to the atmosphere directly or indirectly.
We have been making progress as a leading company in the air-conditioning field since we granted our first patent for axial flow type Cooling Tower.
In addition to the Cooling Tower for air-conditioning application(overwhelming market share domestically), we have been supplying large-scale Cooling Tower for Industrial use to many plant facilities.
We also focus on the product development corresponding to the customer’s need with Low Noise,Energy Saving & Plume-Abatement type.

Variety of Cooling Tower adapted to environment

To cope with requirement at site, following three types are available :

Low Noise type

Super Low Noise type

Energy-Saving &super-low noise type

If further noise reduction is requested, tower adopting Aero Foil Fan(patent pending, design patent granted) is the ultimate solution.

Open type Cooling Tower

Open type tower cools down the circulation water by contacting it to the atmosphere directly taking advantage on latent heat effect.

Compared to a Closed type, an Open Type features high-efficiency, compact in size, easier in maintenance, and lower in initial cost.

Development applying new technology brings high-efficiency

– Tower becomes compact in size thanks to the newly developed Filling and Fan Unit.
– Newly developed Filling minimizes drift-loss rate.
– Further noise reduction can be expected due to Newly developed Fan Unit.
– More durable in consequence of adopting the most appropreate metal parts with additional galvanizing.

Maintenance made simple

Inclined Lower Basin with Inspection Board, Internal Piping made maintenance & cleaning work simple.

Closed type Cooling Tower

Closed type Cooling Tower differs from an Open type in the sense that circulating water runs only inside a totally enclosed copper tube and it never contacts ambient air. Due to this fact, water quality control made simple.


High Protectability

Polluted air sucked into the tower, scale and slime generated by over-concentration and poor quality of water are attributed to be the cause of mechanical trouble.
It is not only the problem for cooling tower but also for the related equipments used in the whole system.
With Closed type cooling tower, whole cooling system is totally protected against water-related trouble.

Reasonable Total Cost

* Save expense for circulating water : no refill nor replenishing of circ. water required.
* Save total maintenance & cleaning cost for entire cooling system including chiller & piping.

Hyper Flat Drive System


Product advantages

HFD system, high in transmission efficiency and short in time required for start-up, contributes to minimizing primary energy-loss thanks to its design.


Simple technique to abate plume generated in cooling tower not relying on elctricity.