Kuken’s Cooling Tower for Industrial Use

In 2015, we, Kuken, had acquired Shin Nihon Reiki co., LTD (SNR) which is a major cooling tower manufacturer for industrial use in Japan. After that, we took over their overseas business, and we have been focusing on after-sales service of cooling tower for industrial use for overseas customers.

 Advanced technology and price competitiveness.

We proceed the engineering and procurement of cooling towers by ourselves, which enables us to achieve both high technology and price competitiveness.

We can provide effective and reasonable solutions on environmental problems such as plume abatement, noise and water quality.

Delivery record

One of our group companies, SNR, started delivering cooling towers for industrial use more than 50 years ago, as well as Kuken.

SNR had supplied cooling towers to various industrial fields, such as electric power companies, heavy industrial manufacturers, chemical plants and refineries all over the world.

Delivery results (Including exports by SNR)

・Singapore  /  Petrochemical Plant

・Singapore  /  Synthetic Rubber Plant

・Indonesia  /  Geothermal Power Plant

・Indonesia  /  Gas Fired Boiler / Indonesia

・Vietnam   /  Iron Works              etc.

Certification and Membership


・Cooling Technology Institute (CTI)

・Japan Cooling Tower Institute  (JCI)


・ISO-9001  CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING FACTORY (Kuken’s factory / SNR’s factory)